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Symbols Glossary

Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
Use-By Date Batch code
Date of Manufacture Do not re-use.
Serial Number Sterilized using irradiation
Temperature Limit Catalog Number
Non-Sterile Do not use if package is damaged
Sterilized using ethylene oxide Manufacturer
Biological Risks Authorized Representative in the European Community
Sterile Sterilized using steam or dry heat
Consult instructions for use Upper limit of temperature
Lower limit of temperature Sterilized using aseptic processing techniques
Keep away from sunlight Keep dry
Do not resterilize Contains sufficient for < n > tests
Caution Latex
Control Negative Control
Positive Control Caudal direction of the retractor ring
Cephalic direction of retractor ring Ring screw should not exceed two counterclockwise rotations for disassembly