What’s New in Phantom TK?

TeDan Surgical Innovations (TSI) is proud to announce several advancements to our Phantom TK™ neurosurgical product line.

We are committed to addressing the evolving needs of neurosurgery by developing products that improve the surgeon experience in the OR. Check out our latest products and system updates below.

Flexible Retractor Arms

Our Phantom TK Adjustable Flexible Retractor Arms were released Monday, April 30 at the opening of AANS 2018 in New Orleans. They are designed with state-of-the-art strength and maneuverability to deliver fast OR turnaround, easy setups, and precise tissue retraction. The flexible retractor arms are compatible with Phantom Fukushima™ and MaStability™ neurological holding systems.

Designed to Last

Equipped with UltraFlexTM technology, each flex arm contains double the amount of cable strands to provide maximum maneuverability. Additionally, the spherical bead design enables a wide range of movement and flexibility, helping users achieve precise positioning.

Inner cables are a common wear component in all commercially-available flex arms. To address this concern, TSI developed SafeCoreTM technology, a unique bead containment system.

New 6″ Horizontal Post

Phantom MaStability 6-inch horizontal post

In addition to the flexible retractor arms, the Phantom MaStability 6” Horizontal Post has been added to streamline system setup by creating a low profile frame. Each post is connected to the Triple Dogbone Interface using a robust starburst design for maximum stability. The 6″ Horizontal Post is now included in our standard TK-6000 MaStabilityTM offering.

Concave Spatulas

TSI’s concave spatulas are designed with fewer pressure points to minimize tissue trauma. They are available in 18 size variations to accommodate diverse patient anatomies. Compatible with our Phantom Fukushima™ and MaStability™ neurological holding systems, each spatula may be attached to the flex arms using the Universal Spatula Holder.

If you would like to learn more about these products, contact us today.