Spotlight: QuickStart Distraction Screws

Hundreds of thousands of cervical spine surgeries are performed each year within the U.S. and data shows that this number is growing1. With increasing numbers of procedures performed each year, it is easy to continue using product without realizing there may be room for innovation. Could design advancement to distraction instrumentation simplify each procedure?

TeDan Surgical Innovations (TSI) is enhancing the cervical distraction standard by addressing unmet needs linked to distraction screw breakage, distractor dislodgment and screwdriver maintenance with the QuickStart™ Distraction System.

Each QuickStart Distraction Screw is designed for quick and easy bone penetration. Combined with compatible Phantom CS™ distraction instruments, QuickStart Distraction Screws offer new advantages over standard distraction screws on the market. Available in 12, 14, and 16 mm lengths, QuickStart Distraction Screws accommodate diverse patient anatomies.

Same Task, Half the Time

QuickStart Distraction Screws enable faster deployment with a sharp tip and three cutting flutes. Each screw contains dual threading which achieves bone penetration in half the turns of standard distraction screws.

For example, standard 14 mm distraction screws require 14 turns to properly secure. While the QuickStart Distraction Screws require only 7 – cutting install time in half.

Secure with TSI Locking Distractor

Locking distractor

The locking mechanism on the Phantom CS™ locking distractor engages with the double ring design at the head of the QuickStart Distraction Screw. This proprietary interface prevents the distractor from riding out of the incision. No distractor dislodgment means fewer surgical disruptions, enabling streamlined access to the disc space.

Maintenance-Free Screwdriver

Distraction Screwdriver

QuickStart Distraction Screws work exclusively with the Phantom CS Springless Screwdriver. The spring found in commercially available distraction screwdrivers are associated with frequent breakage. By eliminating the use of the spring, the Phantom CS Springless Screwdriver reduces instrument repair costs.

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1Marquez-Lara A, Nandyala SV, Fineberg SJ, Singh K. Current trends in demographics, practice, and in-hospital outcomes in cervical spine surgery. Spine. 2014;39:476–48