Product Spotlight: New Phantom CS PERFORMANCE Set

The PERFORMANCE Set of the Phantom CS Anterior Cervical Surgical Access System pushes the boundaries of ACDF surgery by combining the benefits of a Pivoting Retractor and Articulating Arm with the Locking Distractor System resulting in reduced OR time and unparalleled exposure and access.

The Phantom CS PERFORMANCE (CS-1650) set includes:

Pivoting Retractor Technology

Ensures control of inward anatomical force on the retractor blades and minimizes unintentional and potentially harmful pressure on the esophagus and tracheal anatomy. Improved exposure of the anatomy with a smaller incision size with better cosmesis and reduced recovery times.

Rotating Articulating Arm

Eliminates shift in the assembly resulting when muscle and tissue engage with the retractor blades during pivoting – freeing the surgical staff from unnecessary manual stabilization of the retractor assembly and refocusing them on supporting a faster procedure work flow.

Locking Distractor

Prevents the distractor from riding out of the incision – a common occurrence when distraction screws are not deployed in parallel. This locking mechanism eliminates potential surgical disruptions and surgeon annoyance caused by set-up readjustments. Surgeon can remain focused on the treatment not unnecessary readjustments expediting procedural work flows.

QuickStart Distraction Screws

Half the turns to seat the distraction screws plus the ability to lock the screws into the distractor for more convenience and safety. They work in conjunction with TSI’s Spring-less and maintenance-free Screwdriver to reduce surgical interruptions and OR time.

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